Islands - Introduction

Seeking adventure, peace & tranquillity on your tour to India? A tranquil destination, far away from the noisy & polluted urban life, has become the need of every vacationer worldwide. Indian Island Tours are out of the world kinds to the leisure tour lovers wandering for the miles of virgin and secluded beaches, forests, heritage, water sports, adventure sports, along with the swaying palms, magnificent coral reefs, white sands and lagoons – a true tropical paradise.

And we, at RAJ Travel Consultants, would like to have the opportunity to offer you the lifetime memorable holidaying experience in India’s two Nature Boon Islands – “Lakshadweep” and “Aanadaman and Nicobar”.

These islands are most liked by the honeymooners, nature lovers, water sports enthusiast and for all those who are looking for the heavenly beauty of unpolluted, filth free, fresh air all through the year. Clubbing these islands with other splendid tourists destinations of India would add on to the spice and variety that India has to offer. We have penned herein the details of these two island tours, along with suggestive itineraries, kindly go through the same, and we can assist you with the reaching, staying and enjoying the most exclusive beach holiday, adventurous water sports, forests and heritage.

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